Avengers 1st 2nd Teams Continue Winning Run

It’s good to be able to use the same heading as for the previous round!

Tiger Sharks 1 v Anglian Avengers 1

The 1st team won 3-0.5. This time it was against the redoubtable Tiger Sharks 1. The star performance was on B1, where Martin came out on top in a game that was wild from the very start (see: Robeson v Walker). David also won in fine attacking style against a Petrov Defence, where on move 21 he had the choice of two winning sacrifices, Re6 or, as played, Bg6 (see: Maycock v Daskalov). Paul came to grief when his advanced queenside pawns fell in the endgame, while Panagiotis was given a free point by default.

Anglian Avengers 2 v Bolton & Worsley 1

The 2nd team in its match against Bolton & Worsely 1 performed even better with a resounding 3.5-0.5 victory, which could have been a clean sweep, had Jeff not relaxed too soon in a minor piece endgame which he was clearly winning. On B1, Silas convincingly won a theoretical duel in the Winawer variation of the French Defence (see: Peck v Hilton), while on B3 Ganesh was gifted two pieces in quick succession for his victory. Meanwhile, Chris was rewarded for pawn grabbing whenever the opportunity arose.

Streatham C 1 v Anglian Avengers 3

As in round three, the 3rd team match started with a loss by default on B2. It seemed, however, halfway through the evening that a match victory against Streatham C might still be achieved, as Michael was one, then two, then three pawns up, Rowan was given a free bishop and Heather’s game was equal. But it was not to be. Michael’s game turned out to be our only point (see: Mo v Marshall) since Rowan allowed a knight fork regaining the piece for his opponent that gave him a winning endgame and Heather succumbed in time trouble. The final result was a 0.5-3 loss.


Next matches:

Tuesday 19th October 7:30PM;

Anglia Avengers A v Brentwood A;

Anglia Avengers B v Kent KJCA Kestrels 3;

Anglian Avengers 3 v TBD.



Leon Burnett

(Acting Captain)

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