The Suffolk Chess Journal – R.I.P.

This may upset a few people, but having consulted with SCCA President Colin Roberts, I’ve decided not to continue with the Suffolk Chess Journal. In fact, it hasn’t been produced for well over a year, and has been superseded by more modern technology in the form of this website.

The problem with anything in written form, is that it will always be out-of-date by the time it is published. Results of events, tournaments, leagues etc may be a few months old; information about clubs will already have been circulated by email. Nowadays it’s possible to publish games by Suffolk players almost as soon as they have been played!

So, I’m sorry to disappoint the few, but I hope that most readers will agree that this daily news update is a much better way of keeping everyone aware of what’s happening in Suffolk Chess. There will also be occasional flashbacks to times gone by, especially when current news is lacking, and articles written by others will appear (Mike McNaughton wrote a splendid article for the Journal which was never published; it will appear here soon).

Of course, if anyone else feels inspired to produce the SCJ, then Colin Roberts will be delighted to hear from you…

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