Under 18 winners in 1990

Pictured below is the team that won the National Under 18 Minor Counties Championship in April 1990. There are one or two that can’t be identified. Can anyone recognise them? You probably won’t be able to guess one at the back right, as he’s almost completely hidden (but it might be Darren Porter!). Click on the photo to enlarge it.

(left to right): (Vicky Allen); Steve Jones. Alan Watkins, Jonathan Green, Jonathan Wright, Paula Allen, Simon McDougall, Simon Lunn, Emily Porter, Darren Boone, Rob Harden, Haran Jogeesvaran, Jogeesvaran Kris, Terry Arnold, ???, Nick Kirby, Julie Nicholas, ???, Frances Hardinge, Louisa Orton.

Seven years later, in 1997, with the likes of Nick and Richard Pert, Ed Player and David Spence in the team, Suffolk Under 18s won the main Counties Championship. Those were the days!

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  1. Darren Boone now based University College London specialist in radiology imaging, Ex Clacton Chess still spoken of highly by Peter Keffler

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