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From speaking to a number of Suffolk chessplayers I know that many of you are following these daily news updates.  The verbal feedback I’ve received has been most positive.  But only two people, so far, have ventured to write a comment on the website.

At the bottom of each posting there’s a hyperlink (in blue) to ‘No comments’.  If there has already been a comment, this will have changed to ‘1 comment’.  Click on this and a comment box will open.  Type in your comment.  Then below, where it says ‘Comment as:’, scroll down to ‘Name/URL’.  Type in your name but leave the URL empty.  Click ‘Publish’.  You’ll be asked to ‘prove you’re not a robot’ by typing a word or words that appear.  That’s it.

Some people may already have a Google account, which is the simplest way of making a comment.  If you don’t have a Google account, you can sign up for one. You’ll be directed to the Blogger page where you should click on the ‘Sign up’ box in the top right corner and follow the instructions.

One minor criticism I’ve received is that there’s been a lot of historical stuff.  That’s only because there’s been little of topical interest to report!  In the Suffolk League alone, some 160 games have been played already this season.   There must be something worthwhile to report.  Please send me some interesting games, or positions, and I can publish them on this website.   Or perhaps there was an unusual incident (my opponent’s phone rang last Thursday – the first time I’ve won a game in this manner).

Comments from readers provide a real incentive for me to continue with these regular daily postings.

2 thoughts on “Feedback please!
  1. At Woodbridge Rapid Play last weekend Stepanyan Arkaidy lost in the open when his phone went off, so it does happen. I hadn't got my opponents number in my phone bank !!!

  2. Hi Bob,

    The bald one with specs in the cartoon is an image of me!
    I certainly agree that there are some rather interesting if not downright odd charcters in the chess world.

    Keep up the postings.

    If I can find my epic win against the highest rated player in the intermediates at the excellent Bury congress,I'll add a few notes and try and send you the game as a PNG file if you can handle that format.

    The only safe way to deal with a mobile telephone when playing chess is to leave the damn things in the glove compartment. One of the great pleasures of the time I spend playing chess is that I don't have to listen to some telephone addict jabbering away endlessly into his handset.


    David Green

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