Suffolk Under 11s

A Team Manager has been found for the Suffolk Under 11 team.   The County has entered the English Primary Schools Chess Association (EPSCA) inter-Association tournament (East Region), which will take place in Northampton on Saturday 16 March.

Laura Cortabarria, mother of Alba, Mario and Aaron Saenz de Villaverde, will now attempt to find a 20-board team to play against other counties and affiliated areas, which include Norfolk, Kent, Barnet, Richmond, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Those already being considered for the team include:

Alex Sheerin
Mario Saenz de Villaverde
Anita Somton
Daniel Garcia-Leon
Alan John
Aaron Saenz de Villaverde
William Moody
William Starling
Bethany Young
Abel Vadakelan
Liya Baby

The above are all members of the Bury Knights JCC.  Others will be added from Woodbridge School (Abbey) and Ipswich JCC.  If anyone knows of other children (born after 31 August 2001), please let Laura know.

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