Suffolk Ladies’ Championship

One may well ask, “Why is there a separate Ladies’ Championship; there’s not one for men?”   The answer lies in the old Minute Book where, at the AGM in September 1933, it was reported:

“Mr S D Ward introduced the question of ladies playing in the Championship, and on his suggestion it was decided to have a separate championship confined to ladies.”

So there you are ladies.  The implication from 80 years ago is that chess-playing females were not welcome in the main Championship.   Thank goodness that times have changed.  Judith Polgar is up there amongst the world’s strongest and within Suffolk we have seen the likes of Louisa Orton, Anna York-Andersen and of course, Vicky Allen, representing their county and competing on an equal basis in ‘mixed’ events.

But the Suffolk Ladies’ Championship continues and a very fine trophy awaits the winner each year.

For 2012-13, seven entries were received, five of whom were juniors.   The youngest, Anita Somton, is still only 8.

The photo above from Round 1 shows Anita Somton about to play Vicky Allen (the current title holder), with Emilia Jewell facing Liya Baby.   Results for Round 1 were:

Vicky Allen 1-0 Anita Somton
Emilia Jewell 1-0 Liya Baby
Adele Lunn 1-0 Alba Saenz de Villaverde
Bethany Young (bye)

The answer to the puzzle in Tuesday’s posting was 50… Qe5+!    Well done to Chris Davison who was the only person to reply.

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  1. Ho Bob,
    One the solution to the chess problem appeared in the comments section there did not seem to be any point in adding a further comment. I solved it anyway knowing that it was a Black to move and win type situation but would I have spotted if this position had arisen an hour or so into a league game with a limited time available, a dose of working day fatigue and without the Black to move and win prompt? I would hope so but may very well have rushed my reply as I so often seem to do.

    David Green

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