Wartime Suffolk

The Minute Book referred to a few days ago shows that meetings of the Association were suspended during the war years.  An Executive Committee meeting had been held in July 1939, shortly before the War commenced.  This was followed in the book by an entry by the then Hon. Secretary, S Donald Ward, on 1 January 1940:

“Owing to the outbreak of hostilities, it has not been possible to arrange the Annual General Meeting, but this will be done as soon as it is found possible to do so.”

Inter-County Correspondence Chess continued during the War, organised by the BCF, with 20-board teams competing each year between 1941 and 1945.

The first post-War meeting, an AGM, took place on 29 September 1945.   This is a significant date for two Suffolk players.   Melvin Steele was born that day and I was born the day after!

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