100th British Championships

The Centenary Championships of the British Isles (more commonly known as ‘The British’) will take place at the Riviera International Centre in Torquay, between 28 July and 10 August.

In addition to the British Championship, for which pre-qualification is necessary unless you are a titled player, there are various other tournaments on offer, including:

*    British Senior Championship (for those born in or before 1953)
*    British Graded Championships: u180; u160; u140; u120; Senior u150; Senior u130
*    British Junior Championships: u16; u14; u13; u12; u11; u10; u9; u8 (ages as at 1 January 2013)
*    Major Open
*    5 day Morning / Afternoon Tournaments
*    Sunday Rapidplays (6 rounds)
*    Weekenders (5 rounds)

Entry forms are now available on line, or contact the Congress Secretary by email if you have any queries.

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