Final call for trophies

On a couple of occasions (here and here) I’ve asked if anyone knows where some Suffolk trophies are.  I’ve received just one reply.   Some people must know where these trophies currently reside (probably deep in some cupboard).

Please check at your Club and ask if anyone knows where these trophies might be:

Division 1 Champions
Division 2 Champions
Division 1 Player of the Year
Division 2 Player of the Year
Division 3 Player of the Year
Under 125 Winners
League Cup winners

Apologies if you’ve already told me about any of these trophies.

2 thoughts on “Final call for trophies
  1. Hi Bob, (it's Tim Lunn)
    Firstly the POTS trophies/shields were given out to keep (have a good source for getting hold of these).
    I am in possession of:
    Suffolk Teams Champs (Div 1) trophy,
    Suffolk League cup trophy,
    and the Suffolk Swiss trophy (unused).

    All the best,

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