The Rules of Chess

I am planning to discuss various FIDE rules in future posts on this website.   I know that some players are unaware or uncertain of some rules, so this will be an attempt to provide advice on those that are frequently misunderstood.

If anyone reading this would like to suggest a rule that you would like to see discussed, please let me know.   I am considering the following, but would be pleased to hear of any more about which you would appreciate clarification:

7.4  –  illegal moves
8.1  –  recording moves and draw offers
9.1  –  offering a draw
10.2  –  the ‘two-minute’ rule
13.4  –  possible penalties for rule infringements
13.7  –  conduct of spectators (and 12.5)

For a full list of FIDE rules, click here.

4 thoughts on “The Rules of Chess
  1. Do you have to press the clock after making the final move deciding the result of the game (examples: checkmate, stalemate)?

    1. Checkmate ends the game, so you don't have to stop the clock. But if you make a move that stalemates your opponent, you must press the clock to complete your move.

  2. I think a series on the rules would be very worthwhile. I'd been thinking of doing something similar myself on our club website, but you're much better placed.

    Your list of topics looks good.

    Perhaps also of interest are any rules (local or FIDE) on the conduct of spectators.

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