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Playing in the email Sinclair trophy, where you play two games against the same opponent, the 8-board Suffolk team made an excellent start, winning their first six games.   But things haven’t gone quite so smoothly since then. Suffolk currently lie in 6th place (out of 12 teams).   The figures in brackets below indicate the number of unfinished games:

Sussex    12   (3)
Yorkshire B    11½   (2)
Warwicks B    9½   (2)
Essex B    8½   (4)
Essex C    8½   (3)
SUFFOLK    7   (5)
Staffs    5   (5)
Northumberland B   3½   (4)
Yorkshire C    3½   (2)
Herts B    3½   (0)
Notts B    3   (4)
Worcs B    1½   (4)

Phil Revell, Kevin Greenacre and Bob Stephens won both their games; Jakob Tulic lost both.   Ian Wallis and Bob Jones have one draw and an unfinished game; Jim Buis has one loss and one unfinished.   Tim Lunn has two unfinished games.

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