More on the National Junior Squad Championships

You will have read here and here about Anita Somton playing in the Under 10 section of the NJSC, but Silas Peck was also playing, in the Under 16 section.

He finished in equal fourth place, on 3 points.   In his last round, Silas (Black) faced 170-graded Roman Mitra.   In the following position, White is threatening mate on the move, and Black has a simple draw by repeating checks with the queen on e1 and h4.   But Silas was able to force mate in 4 (at most).   Can you find it too?

4 thoughts on “More on the National Junior Squad Championships
  1. 1……Ne2+
    2.Rxe2 Qg3+
    3.Kf1 (3.Rg2 Rd1#)
    4… Rd1+
    5.Re1 Rxe1# (3.Kh1 Rd1+ Re1 Rxe1#)
    1…. Ne2+
    2.Kf1 Rd1+
    3.Kxe2 Qe1#


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