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At around 11pm last evening, this website clocked up 20,000 page views.   The first posting was on 29 September 2012, so up to and including yesterday it has been going for 193 days.   That’s an average of just over 100 page views per day.

The site is currently averaging 171 per day, with a peak on 17 March of 342.   Unsurprisingly, that first posting has received the greatest number of ‘hits’ (213).

These are the page views, month by month:

October     2034
November     1623
December    2283
January    3347
February    3804
March    5301

In this time, there have been 163 postings.   After a slowish start, there has been a new article every day.   Many thanks to those people who have provided material, as well as others who have suggested new themes, such as the discussions on the Laws of Chess.

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