Remembering Rob Woodcraft

Born in 1961, Rob Woodcraft was Suffolk Junior Champion in 1978.   He died suddenly of a heart attack whilst in Italy in February last year.   Rob and his wide Erica lived in Haute Savoie, France, within range of the slopes on which he loved to ski.   He had worked for Mars for many years and was still a consultant to them.

He attended Ipswich School, and on arrival in the First Form, he soon demolished the reigning school champion.   He is remembered by the school for his inspirational coaching of promising players in the Prep.

He played for the Ipswich Club for several years before moving to France.   There will still be a few players around who remember him.

The following game was played in the Final of the Norfolk & Suffolk Cup in 1978, when Ipswich beat Lowestoft 4 – 2.   Rob played on Board 3, behind Messrs Gregory and Wallis:

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  1. I have just been told about this and was very touched as Rob's wife that you remembered him. Thank You.

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