Bury League Jamboree results

At the start of every season, the Bury Area Chess League holds a ‘Jamboree’ where all clubs in the league are invited to send teams to participate in a three-round Rapidplay tournament.   For the past three years, 10 teams participated, but this year 12 teams took part.  

Six of these teams were from the host Bury St Edmunds club, whilst Cambridge City fielded two teams with the remaining four clubs (Ely, Linton, Newmarket and Stowmarket) having one team each.   The 24 Bury St Edmunds members played against the 24 from the other clubs, requiring a complex pairing effort to ensure that no one had more than two games with the same colour, and each team having six Blacks and six Whites.

The Bury St Edmunds A team (Mike Harris, Bob Jones, Emilia Jewell, Hugo Smith) led for the first two rounds, but collapsed in the third round to hand Bury St Edmunds B the trophy.   The photo shows the winning team of Ed Player (2½), Scott Taylor (3), Anita Somton (2½) and Colin Roberts (2).

Final scores (out of 12) were:

10 – Bury St Edmunds B
9 – Linton
8½ – Ely Beet
7½ – Bury St Edmunds A
7 – Cambridge City A
7 – Cambridge City B
5½ – Bury St Edmunds F
4½ – Bury St Edmunds C
4 – Bury St Edmunds D
3½ – Bury St Edmunds E
3 – Stowmarket
2½ – Newmarket

One thought on “Bury League Jamboree results
  1. It was very close. If I would of beaten Ed Player in the last round then we (Ely) would of won it by half a point. Well done to Bury!

    Chris D

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