Would you like to be an Arbiter?

The EACU is considering holding an Arbiters’ training course.   If it goes
ahead it will consist of a two-day course to be held at the Memorial Hall, in
Whittlesford.   At the end of the course there will be an examination and
to pass you will need to score at least 80%.

The course is a useful tool for anyone who wishes to understand the Laws
of Chess and their application, as well as getting to know some aspects
of organising events and Swiss pairings.   You can just take the course
and examination but if you wish to go further and qualify as an Arbiter
you will need to be observed at three or more events.

Most of the cost of the course will be met by EACU.   If anyone is interested they should contact John Wickham.

For further details contact John Charman on 01603 861140.

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