Alan’s in Majorca

Alan Merry is currently playing in the WinterChess IM tournament in Majorca.   It’s a ten-player all-plays-all event, which includes three IMs and five FMs.   It started yesterday evening, with sixth-seeded Alan having the Black pieces against the 22-year old second seed IM Tigran Simonian (2416) from Armenia.   And yes, Alan WON!

In round 2, which starts at 10.00 this morning, Alan faces the only other English entrant, 14-year old Ravi Haria from Barnet, again with Black.   The games continue with either one or two games each day, with the final (ninth) round on 27 October.

Alan needs a score of 6½/9 to obtain his second IM norm.   You can follow his progress here.

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