Another school chess club starts up

Through the sole initiative of a sixth-former, a new chess club has been formed at King Edward VI School in Bury St Edmunds.   Held every Monday lunchtime in the school’s Learning Centre, it is proving very popular, with twenty of more boys and girls attending each week.   At present they are using a variety of chess sets, some very small, others huge, as in a Harry Potter set!   The Headteacher, Geoff Barton, is considering the purchase of some modern sets.   One the school’s Teaching Assistants, Sam Starling, the mother of one of the members of the Bury Knights Junior Chess Club, also comes along to help.

A number of ex-members of the Junior Club now attend this Upper School and are renewing their interest in the game, which is good to see.

I’m hoping that this trend continues, and more schools take up the initiative of forming a chess club.   It’s a good time of year to do this, because playing chess indoors has its attractions when the alternative is a cold and damp playground!

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