Bury Congress starts tomorrow

With 145 entries confirmed, the 31st Bury St Edmunds Congress promises to be a success.   There are no fewer than nine players graded over 200, including two GMs and two IMs.

The full list of entrants can be viewed here.

It’s not too late to enter, so if you’ve had a last-minute change of heart, go to the Congress website and pay online. Entries on the day incur a £5.00 surcharge, so don’t leave it too late!

If you’re playing, you may be interested in knowing the colours for the top board in each section.   It all depends on the result of a football match this evening!   Colours will be determined by the result of the League One match between Sheffield United and Crawley.   If the total number of goals scored in the match is even (including a 0-0 draw), then the top player in each section will be White in Round 1.   If the total number of goals is odd, then the top player will be Black in Round 1.

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