4NCL this weekend

This weekend sees the first two matches in the 4NCL.   Divisions 1 and 2 are playing at Hinckley, whilst Division 3 and the Junior 4NCL are playing at Daventry.

Some 20 Suffolk players will be making the journey to the Midlands.   There are two mainly Suffolk-based teams – Anglian Avengers and Iceni.   Anglian Avengers field three teams, one in Division 2 and two in Division 3, whilst Iceni have two teams in Division 3.   Other players from Cambridgeshire, Kent, London and even further afield complete these teams.   Those playing this weekend include:

Anglian Avengers
David Spence
Shaun Munson
Adam Taylor
Ed Player
Alan Merry
Steve Gregory
Tim Lunn
Phil Hopkins
Martin Fogg
Silas Peck
Andrew Shephard
Ian Wallis (reserve)

John Feavyour
Steve Ruthen
Nick Savage
John Peters
Malcolm Lightfoot
Bob Jones
Colin Roberts
Peter Collicott

(Junior 4NCL)
Anita Somton

The results from the weekend will be published here tomorrow evening.

If any other Suffolk players are interested in playing in the 4NCL, they should contact the captains of the two teams: Ian Wallis (Anglian Avengers) and John Feavyour (Iceni).

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