Girls rule at the Bury Knights

The Bury Knights Junior Chess Club currently has 50 members, 14 of whom are girls.   Pictured left, from this evening’s club meeting, are several of them, together with 15-year old Emilia Jewell, who helps with the coaching.

28% is as high a ratio as the Club has seen for many years.   There have been times in the past when numbers fell to almost zero; girls seem to leave when there are few others to talk to!

Of course, the success of nine-year old Anita Somton has a positive effect, and many of her friends and school-mates have joined in recent months.

The Club welcomed 12 children from Needham Market Middle School and Creeting St Mary Primary School this evening.   A friendly match was won convincingly by the Bury Knights by the score of 19½ – 4½.

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