EACU Team Championships

The EACU Team Championships took place today at the village hall in Whittlesford, near Cambridge.   12 teams entered, including three from Suffolk (all from Bury St Edmunds).

There were three graded sections (number of teams in brackets) – Open (3); Team 600 (4); Team 500 (5).

The winners were:   Open – Linton;   600 – Cambridge Juniors;   500 – Broadland Harriers and Broadland Swallowtails (shared).

The three Bury St Edmunds teams did not fare well, finishing third and fourth in the Team 600 section, and last in the Team 500 section.   Individual scores (out of two) were:

Somton Ukken – 1½
Bob Jones – 1
Derek Wootley – 1
Chris Davison – ½
Steve Lovell – ½
Scott Taylor – ½
Anita Somton – ½
Patrick Gembis – ½
Alex Sheerin, William Sait, Chas Szentmihaly and David Wood failed to score.

Perhaps next year other Suffolk clubs will enter a team or two?

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