Stowmarket Rooks flying high

Yesterday’s report on Division 3 of the Suffolk League failed to mention leaders Stowmarket Rooks. So incensed was their captain, David Green, that he sent in the following article, which I’m delighted to publish, with humble apologies for the earlier omission…

In Division 3 the holders of the wooden spoon for finishing last in the 2012/13 season are now top of the division and have been there, or in second place, for most of the season.

We have struggled on Board 1 as we have no highly-graded star for this board.   However John Barratt (126) has pulled off some good performances on top board against higher-graded opposition whilst giving most opponents a stern challenge.

Modesty forbids me to tell you how I have been playing on Board 2, just let me say I am more than happy with my form as I am playing as well as I did at my peak back in 1999.   Won 3; drawn 3; lost 1.

The team has been bolstered by the welcome return to chess of Robert Hayhurst who has given us a good secure Board 3.   Rob played for Stowmarket for many years and his grade peaked at 144 way back in July 1998.   He had stopped playing league chess by 2008, when his grade had dropped to 108.   Rob was welcomed back to the Stowmarket club with open arms, just as I was when I returned to Stowmarket and league chess after an 11-year break caused entirely by business pressures.

We tried to nominate Rob with an estimated grade of 112 for the 2013/4 season but the league grader knew better and he was provisionally graded as 120e.   So far this season he is playing like his old (1994) self and has a 128 season performance.   Well done so far Rob; keep up the good work.   But can we have more wins and less draws please?   Rob has scored 1 win and 5 draws so far this season.

Franceys Allen on Board 4 has racked up 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss and has made immense amounts of tea and coffee while doing so.   Thanks Franceys.

By game 7 of this season the Rooks have earned 16 points which is ½ point more than we managed in all 12 games last season.   We look forward to many more victories in the league.

It would be good to see similar reports by other team captains!   Many thanks Dave.

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