Campaign for FIDE Presidency

We’re well outside Suffolk today…

Some local chess players will be aware that Garry Kasparov (above) is standing for election as FIDE President, against the long-time incumbent Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (below).   Around the world views are polarised, with radically different manifestos from the two candidates.

The English Chess Federation is not committed yet to either, but has recently sent a letter to the current president, complaining that he has publicly stated that the ECF supports his bid.   As the letter points out, he has been invited to make a presentation to the ECF, but no support has (yet) been issued.

Whilst we, the uncomplaining majority of chess players in England, have no or little say in the matter, it’s worth considering what each candidate is proposing.

The Kasparov campaign, headed ‘”Six Winning Moves”, can be seen here.

The Ilyumzhinov campaign can be seen here.

Both candidates have their own ‘team’ to support them, and in both cases these include some controversial people.

Over the next few days I will try and pull out some of the issues and point out the main differences.

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