FIDE ratings

The new FIDE Rating list for March has just been published.   The following players currently rated over 2000 are eligible to represent Suffolk as they live in the county.   Others, including Adam Taylor (Manningtree) and Mike Harris (Bury St Edmunds) live outside Suffolk but are still eligible through membership of their respective clubs (unless they already play for their ‘home’ county).

No. Name Rating
1 Adam Hunt 2435
2 Justin Tan 2351
3 Dagne Ciuksyte 2348
4 Alan Merry 2316
5 Ed Player 2247
6 David Spence 2222
7 Shaun Munson 2165
8 Tim Lunn 2057
9 Steve Ruthen 2052
10 Steve Gregory 2046
11 John Feavyour 2045
12 Mike Cook 2039
13 Phil Hopkins 2022
14 Ian Wallis 2019

The March list includes one new entry – 9-year old Anita Somton.   Her first FIDE rating has been set at 1470, which is outstanding for one so young.   Not only is she the highest-rated English Under 10 Girl, but also the highest-rated Under 11 and Under 12 Girl.   She is also ranked at number 58 amongst all active English women and girls.

The photo below shows Anita (Bury’s youngest member) facing Chas Szentmihaly (Bury’s oldest member) before a match in the Bury Area Chess League last Thursday.

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