Suffolk First Team in tie-break

The final matches in the EACU First Team County Championships were played today, at Newmarket.   Needing to win both matches to finish in first place, Suffolk beat Cambridgeshire 9½-6½ in the morning but could only draw 8-8 with Norfolk in the afternoon.   Suffolk individual scores were as follows (out of 2):

Alan Merry    1
David Spence    1
Shaun Munson    1½
Graham Moore    ½
Steve Gregory    1½
Tim Lunn    0
Steve Ruthen    1½
Rob Sanders    1½
Martin Fogg    1½
Ted Matthewson    1
John Peters    1½
Silas Peck    1½
Ian Wallis    ½
Nick Savage    1
Phil Hopkins    1½
Michael Clapham    ½

This leaves three counties, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk all tied on 8 match points.   Had either Suffolk or Norfolk won their match (instead of drawing), then that county would have finished in first place, but the draw has provided Cambridgeshire with an unexpected lifeline.   The tie-break calculation has yet to be finalised, but it appears that Cambridgeshire will be awarded first place.   EACU Organiser Patrick Ribbands will need to check the tie-break rules before confirming this.   Suffolk will probably finish second.

There are two places in the National quarter-finals (Minor Counties) and the second place county will be away to the winner of the Western Area Chess Union.   This match would be played at a neutral midway venue, probably on Saturday 17 May.

More information will be provided here as soon as the decision has been made.

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