Manningtree are League Champions

The only two teams capable of catching Manningtree, Ipswich A and Ipswich C, fought each other to a standstill last night, drawing 2 – 2.   This means that neither can now win Division 1.   Ipswich A are four points behind, with a match in hand, but even if they were to win that match 4 – 0, they would have fewer wins than Manningtree (see Rule 28 which defines what happens if teams are tied).

So it’s many congratulations to Manningtree, one of the smaller clubs in the Suffolk League!.   It’s the first time in their history that they have been Suffolk Champions.

When they come to Bury for their final match of the season on 10 April, the obligatory winning team photo will be taken (and published here).

The team has been unchanged for eight of the nine matches played so far, with the following individual results:

Adam Taylor   7/9
Leon Burnett   6/9
Phil Hutchings   5/9
Jim Buis   2½/8
John McAllister   1/1

Manningtree’s only loss during the season was at home to Bury St Edmunds A, in December.

3 thoughts on “Manningtree are League Champions
  1. Technically it's still possible for Bury St Edmunds A to win the league this season. They are six points and tie point behind Manningtree A with two matches to play.

  2. You're right. I didn't think to look all the way down to the bottom team. Even more interestingly, the final game on 10 April is between BSE A and Manningtree. If BSE A win their ninth match 4-0, they would still need to beat Manningtree 3½-½ to win the League. A 3-1 win would leave both teams on 22½ points, when Manningtree would be champions on the basis of more matches won. Soi, as you say, technically possible, but most unlikely!

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