Cambridge Examiners win the Bury Area League title

This evening saw Cambridge Examiners take on Bury St Edmunds Scorpions (Shaun Munson, Steve Gregory, Tim Lunn and Ian Wallis).   For both teams this was the final match of the season.   Examiners needed a win to take the Division 1 title; prior to this match they were two points behind leaders (and current title-holders Linton A.

Ian was the first to finish, winning the exchange against Examiners’ Rob McCorry, before a simple king and rook fork decided the game in Scorpions’ favour.

The other three games lasted much longer.   Shaun was up against the only International Master in the League, Richard Tozer.   In an interesting rook and pawn ending, Richard eventually forced a pawn through, with Shaun a tempo behind.

Examiners’ captain, 15-year old David Redman won a tricky ending against Tim Lunn, having a rook and pawn against Tim’s bishop and pawn.

Finally, needing only a draw to secure the title, Steve Gregory and Akito Oyama eventually settled matters peacefully.

This was a special triumph for young David Redman, who has taken on the role of captain for the first time.

2 thoughts on “Cambridge Examiners win the Bury Area League title
  1. It sure was a special triumph for young David Redman.
    He's impressive finish also assured him the player of the year award.
    Well done David

    Rob Mc

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