Justin’s 4NCL game

On Monday we reported on the weekend’s 4NCL results, mentioning Justin Tan‘s draw against GM Robin von Kampen (2603).

As Kai Tan (Justin’s father) commented, Justin (White) missed a tactic that would probably have given him a win!

This was the position after Black’s 29th move:

Here, Justin played 30. Rxd7? and the game ended soon after when Justin was forced to give perpetual check.   He should have played 30. Qh8+   Kf7   31. Qh5!   Justin’s own annotations continue 31… Be8   32. Rg1   Kg8   33. Rxg6   Rxd2   34. Nxd2   Bf8   35. Rxg7+ and White will be a piece up.

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