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Suffolk clubs may wish to check to see how much their club is liable to pay in game fees.   Last year, when the fees were new, clubs made sure that most of their members had joined the ECF.   This year some clubs, in both the Suffolk League and the Bury Area League, have players whose game fees exceed the cost of ECF membership.

Here are the current fees payable for events that have taken place this season under the auspices of the Suffolk County Chess Association.   The first figure is the number of standard-play games and the second (in brackets) is the number of rapidplay games played.   Game fees are £2.00 per standard-play game, and £1.00 per rapidplay game.   Payment to the ECF should be made by 30 June.

Click on a club name to view the list of members:

Adastral Park   –   15   (0)   = £30
Bury St Edmunds   –   3   (0)   = £6
Clacton   –   1   (0)   = £2
Felixstowe   –   8   (0)   = £16
Ipswich   –   19   (0)   = £38
Manningtree   –   9   (2)   = £19
Saxmundham   –   9   (0)   = £18
Stowmarket   –   0   (0)  
Sudbury   –   0   (0)
Woodbridge School   –   2   (0)   = £4

Congratulations to Stowmarket and Sudbury, who have managed to get all their members to join the ECF and so have no payment to make!

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  1. Club secretaries and treasurers should note that these are only the charges in relation to games played in the SCCA, additional fees may be due in relation to games played in other competitions or leagues. My own club, Bury St Edmunds, owes for a further 13 games in the Bury Area Chess League (also visible in the appropriate section at

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