Bury Area League – Roger Goldsmith competition

In the Bury Area League, the Roger Goldsmith competition is split into two divisions, with Division 1 having a maximum team grade of 580 and Division 2 a maximum of 450.   Games are played at normal time limits.   There are five teams in Division 1 and four in Division 2.

After the round-robin matches (four rounds in Division 1; three in Division 2), the top two teams in each division play each other again in the Final.   The table-topping team has the benefit of a home venue.

The two matches, both taking place on Thursday 1 May, are:

Division 1 – Bury St Edmunds Abbey v Cambridge Masters

Division 2 – Bury St Edmunds Cathedral v Linton Lions

The final league tables can be seen here (Div 1) and here (Div 2).

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