Adam’s back from Durban

Adam Taylor arrived back in the UK today after an exhausting eleven rounds against some of the world’s best Under 16s.   His final score was six points, and he gained 25 rating points from the event.

Sadly, Adam slipped up in the middle of the tournament, scoring only half a point in rounds six to eight.   He finished on a better note, drawing his final round against a higher-rated FM.   Seeded 44th, he finished in 38th place.

You can see his results here.

One thought on “Adam’s back from Durban
  1. Thanks for everyone's support.

    Unfortunately after a very promising start, Adam was also extremely unwell during part of the tournament with severe stomach problems causing him to lose 4kg over 4 days! Whilst this is in no way an excuse, it must have had an impact to what was already a gruelling schedule.

    Adam rallied well however, even drawing to the current u14 World Champion with black in the final round.

    One thing to remember is in tournaments such as this, many of the junior grades are lower than their players respective strength and so every round is hard. Adam scored the same points as the player on 28th place, however Adam had to play 2 ungraded players which reduced his TPR/Tie-break ranking (most only played 1) however, England also took an u16 ungraded player – his ECF is 195!! – so being ungraded doesn't mean you are not good. This also accounts for Adam gaining less grading points than some of his fellow competitors as ungraded games don't count.

    We had a target of 7 before we went (which would have been a top 20 performance) so that gives an idea of how close we came…..

    Overall the England Team performed well with everyone scoring between 6.5 and 5/11 – better than many previous team events considering as well that several other of the players also suffered from health issues for part of the time.

    All in all an enjoyable event with some excellent individual games/results and a fantastic opportunity to visit South Africa.

    Debbie Taylor HoD/Adam's Mum

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