Suffolk League update

Several matches will be taking place tomorrow, including a number of teams who have already played their first matches.   However, two teams who have not yet played at all, will have to wait at least another week.

In Division 1, Manningtree A have delayed their start until 15 October, whilst in Division 2, Saxmundham A will play their first match on 7 October.   Three other teams, all in Division 3, play their first matches tomorrow.   They are Stowmarket Rooks, Saxmundham B and Manningtree B.

The current leaders in each division are:

Division 1

Ipswich C – 3
Ipswich B – 2½
Ipswich A – 2½

Division 2

Sudbury – 3½
Ipswich D – 3

Division 3

Ipswich F – 3½
Felixstowe – 2½

One thought on “Suffolk League update
  1. Hi All,
    Interesting that clubs are delaying the start of the Season. Manningtree are particularly badly affected having already postoned their game against Stowmarket Rooks until November. Maybe our joint assumption that chess players are all fired up to play in mid-September is wrong especially when the weather is as pleasant as it has been these last few days.

    David Green

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