Anita takes on all-comers

Last Saturday, outside the Apex in Bury St Edmunds, 10-year old Anita Somton took on all-comers, playing as many as ten opponents at a time.   In total, she played about 20 games, drawing two, losing one (a back-row mate!), and winning all the rest!

Anita’s current ECF grade is 128 and she has a target of 150 for the next list, to be published in January.

In October, Anita will be travelling with her father to Batumi, in Georgia, for the European Youth Championships.   She will represent England in the Under 10 Girls section, where she will face the top players from the likes of Russia, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Romania and many other European countries.

This trip alone will cost £2,000, and she can expected to be selected to play for her country on many future occasions.   It is hoped that some local companies can be encouraged to support Anita financially in her burgeoning chess career.

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