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Hi everyone!

It’s the 1st of September and time for the Suffolk Chess website to awake from its summer slumber.   From now on, there will be an article every day (except when I’m on holiday).   As usual, articles, photos, news from the Clubs will be welcome.


Last Tuesday, the Suffolk County Chess Association held two Extraordinary General Meetings.   It’s somewhat unusual to need to hold one EGM, let alone two.   But the Constitution states that an EGM may only consider a single issue.   We needed to consider two, hence the consecutive meetings which took place at Ipswich Chess club with me (Bob Jones) in the chair, as President Colin Roberts was unavailable.   17 people attended the meeting, surpassing the required 12 for a quorum.

The first EGM voted to restore the Under 125 Cup competition.   This event had been dropped from the programme at the Annual General Meeting in June, but subsequently considerable opposition was expressed.   The Committee therefore decided to raise the issue at an EGM.   Four clubs (at least) have agreed to provide teams for the u125 Cup and Competitions Secretary David Green will soon be publishing dates for the first round.

The second EGM was held to approve the revised competition rules.   Over the past couple of months the Rules Sub-Committee has been hard at work re-writing the rulebook.   This was no simple task and it proved difficult for members of the sub-committee to agree on a ‘final’ version.   Eventually, and just in time for the EGM, a version that was generally acceptable to the sub-committee was distributed to the affiliated clubs.   At the EGM, following an hour’s discussion on some of the more contentious rules, a vote was taken.   Although there were three abstentions, everyone else present voted in favour.

The new rules can be seen here, or by clicking on the ‘Rules’ tab at the top of the page.

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