A position from Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor (White, to play) reached the following position in Round 10 of the recent World Youth Championships against a Zambian opponent.   Adam posted the position on his Facebook page, asking readers to calculate to the end what the result/best moves are:

Answer(s) tomorrow.

One thought on “A position from Adam Taylor
  1. White has to be wary of Black'e counter play against g4 / g3 so advancing the K to g5 to bring the h2 R into play would be fatal.

    As neither forcing line Rxg7 or Rh8+ lead anywhere this leaves Rh5 targeting f5.

    If Black defends with Q to either d3 or d5 then g4 and f5 falls. If Qe4 then White has Kg5, as Qg4# is no longer possible.

    If Black tries to run from the threat of Rh8# with Kf8 White continues Qxd6+ Kg8 (Ke8 Rh8+ mates) Qd8+ Rf8 Rh8+ Bxh8 Rxh8+ Kxh8 Qxf8+ Kh7 Qxf5+ swapping off into an elementary K+P ending.

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