Alan’s in the Isle of Man

Alan Merry (see photo left with Mum Thelma) is currently playing in the nine-round Pokerstars International Chess Tournament, in Douglas, Isle of Man.   The event started yesterday, with Alan drawing with White against an Israeli IM rated 2431 in the first round.   Today he faces English IM Simon Ansell (2370) with the black pieces.

There are 75 entrants in the Masters section, one-third of whom are Grandmasters.   Top seed is England’s Michael Adams.   And there’s an £18,000 prize fund!

The chess is taking place alongside a poker tournament and to kick things off, US WGM Jennifer Shahade played three chess games and three poker games simultaneously.   You can view an excellent edited video of the Simul.

This is the main website for the tournament.

EDIT:   Alan won today!   He now plays a 2528 GM/WGM from India in Round 3; he should be on the live boards (Board 15), starting at 1.30 pm Monday.

2 thoughts on “Alan’s in the Isle of Man
  1. Alan has just completed another victory! Outplaying one of India's top female players Dronavalli Harika 2528, who holds a GM title as well as WGM.
    He is the lowest rated player on 2.5 / 3 by almost 200 ELO points and is likely to face another 2500+ player next round.

    1. d4 d5
    2. Nc3 e6
    3. e4 Bb4
    4. e5 c5
    5. a3 Bxc3
    6. bxc3 Ne7
    7. Qg4 Qc7
    8. Bd3 cxd4
    9. Ne2 dxc3
    10. Qxg7 Rg8
    11. Qxh7 Qxe5
    12. h4 Nd7
    13. Bf4 Qh8
    14. Qxh8 Rxh8
    15. Nxc3 a6
    16. Bd6 f6
    17. O-O-O Kf7
    18. Rde1 Nc6
    19. f4 f5
    20. g4 fxg4
    21. h5 Nf6
    22. Bg6 Kg7
    23. Na4 b5
    24. Nb6 Ra7
    25. Nxc8 Rxc8
    26. Rxe6 Ne4
    27. Bf5 Rg8
    28. Rg1 Kf7
    29. Rh6 Ne7
    30. Bxg4 Nf6
    31. Rxf6 Kxf6
    32. Be5 Kf7
    33. h6 Kg6
    34. Be6 Kh7
    35. Bxg8 Nxg8
    36. Rg7 Rxg7
    37. hxg7 Ne7
    38. Kd2 Nf5
    39. Kc3 a5
    40. Kb3 Ne3
    41. c3 Nc4
    42. Bf6 Nd2
    43. Ka2 Nc4
    44. Bd4 Kg8
    45. f5 Kf7
    46. f6 a4
    47. Bc5 Nd2
    48. Kb2 Ne4
    49. Be7 Ng5
    50. Kc2 Ne6
    51. Kd3 Kg8
    52. Bd6 Kf7
    53. Be5 Kg8
    54. Ke3 Kf7
    55. Kf3 Nd8
    56. Ke3 Ne6
    57. Kd3 Kg8
    58. Bg3 Kf7
    59. Bf2 Kg8
    60. Bb6 Kf7
    61. Ke3 Kg8
    62. Kf3 Ng5
    63. Kf4 Ne4
    64. Ke5 Kf7
    65. Bd8 Nxc3
    66. g8=Q Kxg8
    67. Ke6 Ne4
    68. f7 Kg7
    69. Be7 1-0

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