County Correspondence team

Suffolk’s eight-board correspondence team (we play by email these days – cheaper than stamps) is playing in Division 2 of the County Championships.   There are ten teams in the division, which means that we get to play all our opponents except one – Merseyside.

Our team, with opponent’s county) is:

Board 1    Ian Wallis (Essex C)
Board 2    Bob Jones (Essex D)
Board 3    Silas Peck (Yorkshire C)
Board 4    Phil Revell (Durham)
Board 5    Kevin Greenacre (Warwickshire B)
Board 6    Jim Buis (Staffordshire)
Board 7    Bob Stephens (Lincolnshire)
Board 8    Jakob Tulic (Northumberland A)

Each players has two games against the same opponent, one with White and one with Black.

The event started on 1 November, but there have been some results already (not by our team).   The cross-table and pairings can be viewed here.

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