Hastings Masters

Four Suffolk-based players entered the Masters section of the Hastings International Congress, which ended on Tuesday, with mixed results.   They were amongst 102 entrants, which included 14 GMs and 9 IMs.

Adam Hunt (2437) scored 5 out of 9.   He had two good draws against GMs, but slipped up elsewhere to finish with a tournament performance (TPR) of 2416.

The best Suffolk performance was by Manningtree’s Adam Taylor (2056), who also scored 5/9.   This included wins against two 2200+ opponents.   His TPR was 2253, which means he will gain an astonishing 90 points from the event. At least this means that his rating will more accurately reflect his ability, as 2056 was far too low.

Two Ipswich players, Steve Gregory and Ian Wallis scored four and three points respectively.   Whilst Steve (2056) was level in terms of rating, Ian (2009) had something of a disaster, and is likely to lose about 45 rating points, bringing his rating below 2000.

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