Bunratty Classic results

All this half-term week, ten players have been battling in the nine-round Bunratty Classic in Ireland.   They include the Woodbridge pair of Adam Hunt and Justin Tan.   Included in the field are three GMs, six IMs and one FM (Justin).   Neither Adam nor Justin had a particularly good start, both drawing four and losing one of the first five rounds.   Justin drew with two GMs, but lost to the lowest-rated player in the field!   In Round 6, Justin managed to beat Adam Hunt, a real feather in his cap.

The latest cross-table can be seen here.


Meanwhile, the Graz International tournament has also finished, and Manningtree’s Adam Taylor had a disaster.   Instead of gaining the 22 points he needed for his FM title, he ended up losing 89 points!   After his Round 2 loss to a GM (reported here), he only scored 50% against the next seven opponents, none of whom were rated over 2100.   As a Junior, he has a K-factor of 40, which means that any rating change can be considerable.   He now needs to regroup and find another event to regain the lost points.

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  1. Just a comment, Adam didn't have a disaster in my view. He scored 50 per cent, more than some titled players and he played ok. Of course it would have been nice to gain the title but in the long run whether it's here or somewhere else in a few months is pretty irrelevant. With a k factor of 40 you always risk points and better to play for the win and lose than be too nervous about points. Indeed Adam played 1. H4 in the last round to a player with a tpr of 2400 to that point who had not lost except to GMs even though his grade was 2053. He told me he enjoyed this game the most. No games are easy when you are playing in an open tournament but he drew even after playing 1. H4. At just 17 he has plenty of time to achieve his FM title and so much more.

    1. At least Adam played an interesting first move in the last round (h4) and has done a good job to get something in his game. I would have no guts to play that in a competitive game (only when I play for fun).

      I hope Adam bounces back from that tournament.

      Chris D

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