Millionaire Chess

Last year, Bury’s Jon Collins was one of only two English players to travel to Las Vegas to take part in this extraordinary event.   With almost six months to go before the tournament starts on 8 October, a total of 437 players have already entered, including 119 in the Open section (43 GMs!).   Apparently, Jon is considering playing again this year.

The first deadline for entries has already passed, so the entry fee has now increased (from $1000) to $1250.   That’s a huge sum, to which must be added the cost of travel and accommodation, but the prizes are good!   The Prize Fund is a million dollars.

Read more about it here.

One thought on “Millionaire Chess
  1. I wonder – does playing in a competition where the entry fee is so large change the pressure you feel and/or change the moves you play? Is the temptation to play more conservatively and take fewer chances when there's so much more on the line?
    Stephen L

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