Nigel Short stirs it up

In an article in today’s Daily Telegraph, Nigel Short has declared that “Girls just don’t have the brains to play chess”, claiming they are not ‘hard-wired’ to play the game well.

This is rather ironic, as he has a +3, =5, -8 record against Judit Polgar!

Short has attempted to defend himself, by asserting, “Men and women do have different brains.   This is a biological fact.”

In Suffolk we only have a few girls and women playing chess, so it’s difficult to compare.   But Anita Somton (who had her 11th birthday earlier this month) and is on the verge of becoming Suffolk Ladies’ Champion, may have something to say about this.   She is the highest-graded Under 11 girl in the country and #13 amongst all Under 11s.

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