Bury St Edmunds Senior Schools Championship

This afternoon, three Upper schools competed for a new trophy, the Bury St Edmunds Senior Schools Championship, donated by the Bury Knights Junior Chess Club.   The event was hosted by County Upper School.

Each school provided a team of four players, which each person playing opponents from the other two schools.

It is important that older children keep playing chess and one purpose of this competition was to encourage this.   In fact, although nine of the twelve participants were former members of the Bury Knights JCC, only four are currently playing regular adult league chess.

After the first round, King Edward VI School led on 3 points, followed by St Benedict’s RC Upper on 2.   As results came in from Round 2, it was clear that the Championship would hinge on the very last game to finish, between Fraser Fallows of King Edward VI and Clement Wallace of St Benedict’s.   With the scores tied at four points to each school, Clement, in time trouble (each player had 30 minutes for the game), blundered and lost his queen; Fraser soon mopped up the remaining pawns to win the game and the title for his school.

The photo (left) shows the winning team: Adam Illoul, Patrick Gembis (capt), Fraser Fallows, and Jake Jarvis.

The final scores were:

King Edward VI – 5
St Benedict’s – 4
County – 3

The only players to win both games were Fraser Fallows and Paul Anders (County Upper).

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