Summer chess – part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I asked clubs to let me know if they will be open over the summer months.   I’ve heard from only two – Stowmarket and Saxmundham.

Stowmarket Chess Club will be open as usual every Tuesday evening at the Bowls Club from 7:30 pm when half a dozen members are expected to be regular attendees.   Club President David Green asks that anyone who wants to come along, calls him on 01449 673783 to confirm someone will be present.

Arthur McCormick reports that Saxmundham Chess Club will be open as usual during the summer on Tuesday evenings 7.30 pm onwards.   Some nights will be busier than others and it’s down to luck who turns up but we usually manage a minimum of a couple of players.

So with Bury St Edmunds Chess Club open every fortnight on Thursdays, there are a number of opportunities for members of other clubs that are closed over the summer to maintain or improve their skills.

EDIT (8 May)

Since writing this, I have heard from Sudbury, who are open “most” Mondays; and Felixstowe, also open, on Tuesdays.

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  1. Members of SCCA and BACL clubs are welcome at any of Bury's summer events. I'm currently canvassing for interest in a possible visit from an IM for coaching and a simul. Visit our website for details.

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