Norfolk & Suffolk Cup – Suffolk Final result

For the second year running, current cup holders Bury St Edmunds have won the Suffolk section of the Norfolk & Suffolk Cup.   They beat Ipswich yesterday evening in a very close match.   In fact, the score was a 3 – 3 draw, but Bury won on bottom board elimination.

The individual results were (Ipswich players first):
Board 1 – Graham Moore 0 – 1 Mike Harris
Board 2 – Steve Gregory 0 – 1 Ed Player
Board 3 – Silas Peck 0 – 1 John Peters
Board 4 – Ian Wallis 1 – 0 Steve Ruthen
Board 5 – Nick Savage 1 – 0 David Brown
Board 6 – Ted Matthewson 1 – 0 Richard Lamont

Ipswich were without two of their top players – Shaun Munson and Mike Cook – which may have affected the final result.

After four games had been completed, Ipswich led the match 3 – 1, but wins by John Peters and finally Mike Harris, ensured that Bury St Edmunds were the eventual victors.

Bury St Edmunds will now host Broadland Chess Club, whom they beat in last year’s Final.   Tha date for this match has not yet been fixed.

In the photos, the Bury team is facing the camera.

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