EACU County Championships

Last season Suffolk emerged as EACU Champions in all four sections: Open, Under 160, Under 120 and Under 100.

It is hoped to enter the same sections this season in an attempt to retain the respective trophies.   However, with Under 100 captain Daniel Yarnton now graded 104, we are looking for a new Under 100 captain.   A list of players graded under 100 can be viewed here.   It is likely that there will only be one fixture, against Cambridgeshire, where the team will play two matches on a Sunday in either December, January or February (date to be decided).   Please contact me if you would like to take on this role.

The dates for the Open (First Team) and the Under 160s have already been fixed, as follows:

First Team   –   18 October; 29 November; 7 February; 13 March

Under 160s   –   6 December; 31 January; 21 February

Ian Wallis (First Team captain) will be in contact with his squad soon, as the first match is only a couple of weeks away.   Suffolk will be facing Norfolk and Bedfordshire.

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