FIDE World Cup Final

The FIDE World Chess Cup started on 11 September in Baku, Azerbaijan, with 64 competitors.   After six rounds of knockout chess, this number has been whittled down to just two Russians, Peter Svidler and Sergei Karjakin, who will compete tomorrow in the first game (of four) in the Final of the tournament.

England’s sole competitor, Michael Adams, managed to reach the last 16, but he was eliminated by pre-event favourite Hikaru Namamura (who in turn lost in the quarter-finals).

A complex system of tie-breaks will follow if the scores are level after the first four games (Thursday to Sunday).   If tie-breaks are needed, these will take place next Monday, 5 October, after which the Closing Ceremony will be held.

The games in the Final can be watched online from 11am tomorrow (Thursday).   There are a number of sites, including the official one.   The ChessBomb site is another useful resource, where you can see the Stockfish evaluation of the main variations.

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