Full house at Bury

With four matches this evening (three in the Suffolk League and one in the Bury Area League), there were 32 players at Moreton Hall Community Centre.   At a push, the Bury St Edmunds club can accommodate six matches, but four is quite sufficient when it comes to finding players.   In fact, five of the eight teams playing were from Bury; next week there are six teams playing.   For a club whose demographic is varied – it includes 14 juniors and 8 retired people – it is often difficult to find players on a regular basis.   For this reason, the club operates a ‘squad’ system, with between six and eight members in a squad for each team.   Sometimes this works well, with just four people available; at other times the captain may have to choose from six or seven who would like to play.   It’s a difficult balancing act, deciding how many teams to enter.

This season, Bury have entered 21 teams in the various leagues and competitions:

Bury Area League   –   7
Suffolk League   –   5
Suffolk Under 125   –   2
BACL Roger Goldsmith   –   4
Suffolk Cup & Plate   –   2
Norfolk & Suffolk Cup   –   1

Who’d be Bury Match Secretary?

Postscript: The above was written (but not uploaded) this afternoon.   Now back from the club and a big apology must be made to the 11 Ipswich players whose games were interrupted by an outburst from one of our (Bury) members.   This was completely unprovoked; be assured that strong measures will be taken against the offending person, whose actions let down the good name of the Bury St Edmunds Chess Club.

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