Junior 4NCL results

At the first weekend of the Junior 4NCL (see Saturday’s report), the Bury Knights team found life tough in Division 1.   They drew two matches and lost the other three, to finish in last place.

Nevertheless, this was a great experience for the players.   Individually they recorded some excellent wins.

On top board, Alex Sheerin (137) scored 3/5, losing only the first game (when he declined a draw offer!).   His two wins were against 148 and 154 opponents; he finished with a grading performance of 152.

Adam John (93) on Board 3 also won three games, for a performance of 109.   Unfortunately he lost two games against opponents with similar grades due to playing too fast.   Undoubtedly he will learn from this.

Alan John (111) had to face former Bury Knights member Anita Somton (142) in Round 5, with a predictable result.   Anita now plays for the Robin Hood team.   She scored 3½/5 for a 148 performance.

Bury Knights Tom Roy found it tough on Board 4, failing to record a win or draw.

The photo above shows the Bury Knights team (left to right) Tom Roy, Adam John, Alan John, Alex Sheerin.

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