Christmas puzzles – Day 1

Here is the first of four puzzles to entertain you over Christmas.

In the position below, it’s Black to play.   But that’s not the question.   Instead, it’s what was White’s last move?   And when you’ve solved that (it is possible!), what were the three previous half-moves (B/W/B)?:

When all four problems have been published (by Sunday), send in your answers to me.   The best set of answers will win a book prize.


Sad news received today… Peter Keffler has died, aged 92.   There will be a proper tribute to him after Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Christmas puzzles – Day 1
  1. Very sorry and shocked to hear about Peter, he was bright as a button last time I saw him a few months ago. He always insisted that he would live to 100.

  2. Very sorry to hear this sad news. Peter was a lovely man, always passionate about chess. One of the most attacking players i have ever faced, he used to scare the living daylights out of me over the board. Condolences to his friends and family.
    Rob Sanders

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